ER24 is able to provide access to a COVID-19 support line on a 24/7 basis, for clients to communicate and make available to staff for advice, screening, escalation and case management in-line with international (WHO) and local (NICD) best practice.

The COVID-19 support line is staffed by trained staff to provide the following services:

  • Receives and logs incoming calls.
  • Completes telephonic risk assessment in accordance with patient safety and National Communicable Disease guidelines.
  • If indicated through the risk assessment the call will be transferred to an ER24 clinical practitioner or trauma support counsellor who will: Complete the telephonic clinical assessment and screening of patient.
  • Provide further guidance on next intervention for patient including transportation, admission, self-isolation or referral to a health practitioner.
  • Trauma debriefing: During these emotionally stressful times, ER24 has a team of employed trauma counsellors to facilitate group or individual counselling.