ER24 COVID-19 Consulting Services

ER24 are able to support clients by providing practical medical consultancy services to assist companies with the implementation of the phased lifting of the lockdown restrictions and associated regulations announced by the South African Government.

At each level sectors and companies need to be aware of what health protocols and screening measures need to be developed and put in place. Some of the services ER24 are able to offer include:

Risk assessments including:

  • Nature of work.
  • Profile of workforce.
  • Geographic location of workforce.
  • Practical mitigation measures.
  • Feasibility of mitigation measures.

Development of client specific workplace protocols and standard operating procedures including the prevention of the spread of infection.

Requirements for screening staff for symptoms of COVID 19, including a symptom check as well as temperature assessment.

Escalation and self-isolation requirements.

PPE and hygiene requirements for the work environment.

Social distancing measures which need to be implemented in the workplace.


Access to the ER24 consultancy services will be dependent on the company requirements, geographic location and availability of ER24 medical staff at the time of request.