ER24, as an organisation, continuously strives to be responsive, adaptable and innovative in our approach to health and safety. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ready to support our clients with their return to work preparations, as well as day to day requirements and together ensuring that staff feel confident and protected going back to work and that customers feel safe returning to shop or do business.

ER24 has been providing South Africans with efficient, effective emergency response and pre-hospital care for more than 18 years. Health and safety have always been at the heart of our business. With our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the industry, we are here to partner with businesses around the country to combat this pandemic.

How can we help you and your business? In order to support our clients during this challenging period, ER24 has developed a suite of services to help your business navigate the new ‘normal’ every step of the way.

These services are:

  • ER24 Consulting Services
  • Site Screening
  • Supply of PPE
  • Pandemic Support Line
  • COVID-19 Info Portal
  • Premises and Fleet Sanitising

These services include practical medical consultancy services, including on-site risk assessments, screening services, COVID-19 awareness training for company staff and approved contractors, and supply of personal protective equipment (face masks, hand sanitiser, handheld infra-red thermometers, etc.). Furthermore, we are able to offer access to the ER24 online portal providing credible information including updates from NICD, nationwide statistics etc., and the ER24 COVID-19 support line managed by trained staff to provide trauma debriefing, further guidance on next intervention for the patient including transportation, admission, self-isolation or referral to a health practitioner. ER24 can also deliver effective and efficient misting sanitising services nationally as either an emergency/urgent response should a COVID-19 positive case be discovered or suspected on your premises or within the company vehicle fleet, or as a standard sanitising effort as part of the COVID-19 risk mitigation plan.

Our national coverage and footprint give us a unique opportunity to support clients with solutions throughout South Africa. We can provide support not only over the phone but also on the ground. All ER24 medical staff have the direct support of our 24/7 – 365 Contact Centre to escalate cases through to ER24 Doctors for additional clinical guidance and consultation.

ER24 is considered an essential service under the South African Health Act. Our Emergency Contact Centre and road ambulance operations are available 24/7. As an ER24 client, you are able to access our services by calling 084 124.

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