Operating from 59 branches across South Africa, ER24 is bringing expertise you can trust directly to your neighbourhood, every day.

It’s an emergency! Where do you turn? Known for providing #RealHelpRealFast, ER24 – a 100% subsidiary of Mediclinic Southern Africa and a large player in emergency services – provides the same high standard of care as Mediclinic hospitals.

Both Mediclinic and ER24 have the ultimate goal of patient safety, with relentless focus on patient needs,” says ER24’s communication officer, Russel Meiring.

With a mission to deliver efficient medical services in a socially responsible manner, ER24 invests in the development of its people, infrastructure and technology. “We foster mutually beneficial, innovative relationships in order to maintain our competitive advantage,” explains Meiring.

Add to this a vision of being respected internationally and locally for the delivery of quality medical services, and you understand why ER24 should be your first call in any emergency.

5 reasons to call ER24

1. It’s in your neighbourhood

In line with its mission, ER24 has spread its footprint strategically across South Africa. “This allows us to provide “RealHelpRealFast” to our clients, no matter their standing or location,” says Meiring. “Our branches boast highly trained and motivated staff and are strategically placed around the country,” he adds. “Each branch has been supplied with industry-leading ambulances and advanced life support response vehicles.”

2. It offers specialised medical units

“In areas with more demanding and specialised requirements, ER24 has placed specialised medical units that would be able to render a higher level of care,” says Meiring. “These can include rotor-wing units and critical care retrieval services, plus 4x4 response vehicles and ambulances. This can also include our fixed-wing division which delivers a high-level of care outside our borders.”

3. Every emergency is attended to

ER24’s large footprint includes making the use of preferred service providers. These undergo rigorous inspections to maintain their high level of care. “By implementing this, we can ensure that every emergency received can and will be attended to,” says Meiring. “Using state-of-the-art technology in our emergency contact centre, we’re able to dispatch the closest and most appropriate level of care to the incident.”

4. It has efficient contact centres

While ER24 proactively informs the public what information should be given to their emergency contact centre, contact staff are on hand to assist at any time. “With the rigorous training that our contact staff go through, we’re not only able to dispatch emergency vehicles, but are also able to provide medical assistance and guidance telephonically,” says Meiring.

5. It is at the cutting edge of medicine

Constantly researching new and better ways to deliver quality care, ER24 purchases new equipment that can better its treatment practices and focuses on continuous training and upskilling of staff. “By doing this, we can ensure that we keep up with current medical procedures,” Meiring explains.

ER24 can be contacted around the clock on this dedicated emergency number, 084 124.