Save 084 124 to your phone and call for #RealHelpRealFast in any medical emergency.

166 Water incidents in 12 months.
14 Children under 14 are the most vulnerable.

Don't let the madness of summer turn to sadness

There is nothing quite like cooling off in the water on a hot summer's day and according to the South African Weather Service higher than normal temperatures are expected this summer. Bodies of water like the ocean, rivers, dams or swimming pools always pose a risk. Be safe this summer and prevent drownings by following the tips provided. Read more...

Find your way with what3words

In an emergency, it’s critical that our team can find you when you need help the most. Sometimes, identifying a caller’s exact location over the phone is difficult. There might be no easily identifiable landmark, address or postcode to establish exactly where an incident is taking place. This can result in valuable minutes being lost. To help us find you faster, ER24 is now fully enabled to respond to any what3words address in South Africa. Find out more...

what3words will find you this summer

Picture this, you are at the beach on a perfect summer’s day and find it so packed that there’s hardly space for you to lay down on your towel. Can you imagine how difficult it could be for emergency services to know exactly where you are among thousands of other bathers? Find out more...


  • Advanced Driving Course worth R5 680
  • First Aid Course worth R1 850
  • First Aid Kit worth R 1 570
  • Bluetooth Earpods worth R999

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