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No Spinal Transplant, Tak
With the week of September 2 - 6 being Back Awareness week, we encourage all of our staff to make sure they know about the risk in picking up, moving and carrying patients, and doing it in the right way in order to protect their back from injury. As an everyday, often unnoticed task of the day, paramedics and fire-fighters often lift heavy equipment and patients during an ordinary shift. Due to repetitive strain to particularly the more
Organs, donating the gift
August is Organ Donor awareness month. If you’re in good health and under the age of 70 years old you should honestly consider becoming an organ donor. The process involved in becoming an organ donor is incredibly simple, but why then do so few people offer this precious gift? Some may state that they fear the thought of what happens when they cannot speak for themselves should they be critically ill or injured. That their organs more
Bad reputation - driving
The bad reputation of paramedics abusing lights and sirens to get through traffic when they aren’t responding to the scene of an emergency must have come from somewhere, but rest assured, ER24 policies are strongly against this type of behavior and those found guilty of this are subject to appropriate disciplinary action. We often receive complaints from the public that they have seen our vehicles driving through traffic with lights and more
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