We offer corporate emergency medical services to suit our client’s health and safety requirements.

We give you peace of mind relating to potential accidents in the workplace.

Corporate Emergency Services

Our corporate emergency services include a variety of products tailor-made to suite our clients' needs. The Corporate Access Agreements assists an organisation to comply with the National Health and Safety Regulation while our Customised Contact Centre Services for organisations and key stakeholders provide an integration into their emergency protocol activations.

Funder Relations

Our Funders, Medical Schemes and Medical Scheme Administrators, as well as their clients  or members have 24/7 access to ER24's Emergency Contact Centre and validation services.

Trauma Counselling

Our professional trauma counselling services are based in and around the urban hubs of South Africa to provide telephonic or face-to-face counselling.

*Services offered are based on the product agreement. Our Corporate Sales team can provide you with a detailed product schedule.