Trauma includes any event that places a person's own life or the lives of others at risk. ER24's trauma team assists and promotes emotional well-being through dedicated assistance and critical incident support services. Trauma counselling forms an essential part of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

ER24 has a dedicated and professional trauma counselling service. Our counsellors are based in and around the urban hubs of South Africa. Some of the reasons our service is often needed include traumatic incidents like death, armed robbery, threatened suicide, hijacking, and shooting incidents. We assist with emotional discomfort like PTSD or even high levels of stress. Our client base varies from individual support to corporate and tertiary institutions. 

Services include:

  • Telephonic counselling offered by a qualified case management team member or one of our trauma counsellors.
  • Face-to-face trauma counselling with our specialist trauma counselling team.
  • Critical incident management (assaults on employees, natural disasters, etc.) and emotional support.
  • Referral to a specialist network of psychologists and psychiatrists if required.