The ER24 Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programme makes a meaningful impact on the communities we support.

By supporting this, we help to close socio-economic gaps and attempt to provide an environment in which all people can thrive and develop. As a company, we are driven by the need for continuous improvement and for finding ways in which we can increase our impact on disadvantaged communities.

Integration and Alignment

Through integration and alignment with Mediclinic Southern Africa, ER24 can now accelerate their CSI strategy. The key objectives are to align the activities more closely to the business operation.

This can be achieved by leveraging the following three areas:

  1. Core competencies & skills set of staff,
  2. The geographical location of ER24 bases,
  3. The accessibility of the fleet.


The cornerstone of our social investment strategy is to identify opportunities that:

  1. Are aligned with Mediclinic Southern Africa's CSI objectives,
  2. Promise of sustainability
  3. Offer the greatest social impact and value for ER24