Staff and Achievements

We are delighted to announce that 12 emergency care students were celebrated among the 51 graduates at the annual Mediclinic Private Higher Education Institution’s Achievers Awards ceremony for the Cape Region Learning Centre, which took place recently.

In a world where healthcare challenges constantly evolve, Mediclinic stands at the forefront, empowering our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet these demands. Seven graduates proudly received their Diplomas in Emergency Medical Care this year, while five were awarded Higher Certificates in Emergency Medical Care.

To provide a glimpse into their inspiring journeys, we reached out to a few of the graduates:

danielle sparrow image - 1

Daniëlle Sparrow (24)

Diploma in Emergency Medical Care (Cum Laude) – 2 years, based at ER24 Potchefstroom

*Could not attend ceremony

Shihaam Carlsen

Shihaam Carlsen (27)

Diploma in Emergency Medical Care – 2 years, based at ER24 Kuruman/Upington

*Could not attend ceremony

joshua imahe - 1

Joshua Fleming (24)

Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care - 1 year, based at ER24 Western Cape East

lesedi image - 1

Lesedi Kgabo Somo (26)

Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care - 1 year, based at ER24 Johannesburg South

Daniëlle Sparrow:

“I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field, but I initially chose to study industrial engineering at Stellenbosch University. By my third and fourth years, I realised it wasn’t the right path for me. Although I was reluctant to pursue further studies after four years, I discovered that the Mediclinic course was only two years long, which I viewed as akin to completing a master’s degree. The course was exceptionally high-quality and thorough, fully preparing me for the role of an ALS. I’m thrilled to be placed at the ER24 Potchefstroom branch, where everyone has been incredibly welcoming and supportive. Now, I need to get used to the chilly 3-degree mornings!

Daniëlle was also awarded the Mediclinic Floating Trophy (Diploma in Emergency Medical Care) as the student who achieved the highest combined theoretical and practical mark over the two years of the programme.

Shihaam Carlsen:

“I've had many passions throughout my life, but my top two have always been becoming a chef or attending medical school. Now, I'm a trained pastry chef who made a significant leap to become a paramedic. I find similarities between the two professions: both require long working hours, quick thinking, daily problem-solving, and precision. The emergency care course was highly structured and thoroughly prepared me for my current role. I believe that it is crucial to ask for help during your studies when needed; support is always available. I also love working at the ER24 Kuruman branch and being part of this wonderful community.”

Joshua Fleming:

“I was actively working towards my goal of becoming an airline pilot, having completed my private pilot license and preparing to start my commercial pilot license. However, when COVID-19 hit, the industry changed dramatically, and I decided to switch my career path to EMS. If you're seeking a strong foundation to start or looking to enhance your pre-hospital emergency medical care career, I highly recommend this course. I am currently employed at the ER24 Stellenbosch branch and plan to continue my studies next year to be able to do even more for my patients.”

Lesedi Kgabo Somo:

“Growing up in Limpopo, I've always aspired to join the EMS and make a positive impact on people's lives. The course was both comprehensive and well-structured, offering a good blend of theoretical and practical learning. Though it was challenging at times, the experience was immensely rewarding and has equipped me for a successful career in Emergency Medical Care. I'm also eager to explore various roles within the EMS, as my interest in healthcare has only deepened.”

Ryan Wills, Mediclinic Southern Africa Training Manager in Emergency Medical Care, expressed that the students’ journey to graduation is marked by hard work and commitment and that he was honoured to see them achieve this milestone.

“Congratulations to all our graduates. The graduation was an opportunity to celebrate with you and to acknowledge the many hours you have invested to reach this point. We wish each one of you well as you embark on your chosen career path.”

For those inspired to further their studies in EMS, we invite you to explore the opportunities available through Mediclinic. Click here for more information.