ER24 and Vodacom's 112 Emergency Services App enables deaf, hearing- and speech-impaired users to contact the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre, which is available day or night throughout the year. The app is the first of its kind in South Africa.

The partnership between ER24 and Vodacom takes great strides in helping to build an inclusive community for all: The 112 Emergency Services App empowers users in a crisis by allowing them to request emergency services on their own.

The innovative, life-saving application enables deaf, hearing- and speech-impaired people to access emergency services using a text-based chat function on their smartphones. For people able to speak and hear, the app has a voice call function.

Ready to assist in any emergency

Registered customers contact the ER24 Emergency Service Contact Centre via the app. Customers can request emergency services, for instance, the police, ambulance, fire and national sea rescue for themselves or others. 

Click on the ‘Help Chat’ button and follow the prompts. ER24 Emergency Service Contact Centre agents will request the relevant emergency service on your behalf and manage the call with the relevant service provider until confirmation is received that help has arrived. 

Hassle-free registration 

Vodacom’s deaf, hearing- and speech-impaired customers download the Vodacom 112 Emergency Service App from the Google Play store or Apple's App Store. Users then register by providing their name, cell phone number, physical address, next-of-kin and information about their disability, and medical aid details (if they are a member of a medical scheme). 

A confidential service to trust

Customers' information is treated as confidential, in accordance with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. All the information that we capture, is confidential and securely stored. Our agents protect this information and respect users’ privacy. We want to reassure clients that they can trust the service and the agent who assists them.

Do not wait until you need urgent help – download the app and register today.