Welcome to the ER24 MyChat information page. We are proud to announce an exciting staff mobile application that will enable you to communicate via a secure platform with colleagues and departments within ER24.

The ER24 MyChat mobile application will automatically add all employees directly from Connect onto the platform. All you have to do is sign in with your Connect username and password.


How do I download and sign in to the application?

A link to download the mobile application will be distributed to staff in due course. The application is known as a web-based application designed for mobile devices. Thus, it will not be located or published in any of the Android or iOS app stores.

When you receive the download link, you will be able to save (bookmark) the application to your device's home screen and it will serve as a mobile application.


Upon first log in, you will be asked for your Connect login credentials. Use these credentials to log in to the application (you only have to do this once, unless you manually sign out).

What will ER24 MyChat be used for?

The ER24 MyChat mobile application will be a tool to enable employees of ER24 to communicate directly with another employee registered on the platform. The environment is secure and resides within the company's ICT framework.

Examples of general use:

  • Training and Skills Development Announcements
  • Policy changes and updates
  • General employee information
  • HR updates and notifications
  • Internal branch communications (branch manager and staff groups)
  • Clinical updates and Patient Safety Alerts, etc.

Will ER24 MyChat replace the day to day WhatsApp groups?

No. The application in its current form will not be replacing your company WhatsApp groups. However, you are welcome to request a unique group to be created where pre-identified staff members can join and interact with the group within the application.

Will I be able to discuss patient information with another employee or ask for guidance?

Yes. The application resides within the company's secure ICT framework, unlike WhatsApp and other groups hosted outside the company. Please check with your branch manager or line manager if a group is available specific to your needs. 

Always ensure that you have the necessary permission to disclose patient information or discuss treatment, etc. with another person.

Will I receive notifications on new posts?

You will only receive push notifications to your mobile device if you enable it. General posts appearing on the news timeline will not trigger a push notification. However, should you belong to a specific group or another employee on the application sends you a direct message, you may receive a push notification. Android devices will send a standard push notification, whereas an iOS device will send you a text message.

How do I know which groups I am added to?

You will be added to a default group based on your branch and region, and qualification (BLS, ILS and ALS). There are several other groups that you may join or leave at your discretion. However, some groups will require permission. Therefore, when a request to join a group is selected, the application administrators will receive a notification to allow or deny access.

Can I create a group-specific to my branch or department's needs?

Yes. Please get in touch with the support team on er24mychat@mediclinic.co.za to create the group. By default, only the person that requested the group will be added to that group. It remains the responsibility of the group owner to notify their staff to submit a request on the app to join the group. Administrators will then approve the join requests. The group owner may also submit a list of staff to be added to the group when it is created.