This product is designed for groups such as Funders, Medical Schemes, and Medical Scheme Administrators.

Full Risk

It is a full risk-transfer (capitation) agreement. It provides, in addition to the services included in the Medic Access and Medic Access Enhanced products, a comprehensive basket of services that are “tailor-made” for each client as required:

  • Dispatch of appropriate emergency response
  • Medical transportation by ambulance, helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft
  • Inter-facility transfers
  • Interaction with the funder’s clinical risk management team as required for individual case management
  • Compliance with funders’ principles and protocols
  • Repatriation of mortal remains (if required)
  • Claims management – auditing and payment
  • Management and quality control of ER24 resources
  • Management and quality control of contracted provider network
  • Clinical governance
  • Interaction with designated representatives from medical schemes and administrators
  • Access to comprehensive, real-time reports
  • Provision of IFRS4 reports as per the Council of Medical Schemes’ requirements